The Preferred Solutions for Field Testing

Powermetrix offers many innovative products for field applications.  The PowerMaster 7 Series and 5 Series have revolutionized field testing since their introduction in 2008.  Their ruggedness, light weight and upgradeability have made them the preferred field testing solution for electric utilities around the world.  They boast complete site analysis capability including meter testing, CT testing, PT testing, and much more. 

The 3 Series is the newest addition to the PowerMaster product line.  It is an ultra compact three phase analyzing reference standard for the ANSI and IEC electric utility industries.  It features unparalleled accuracy and functionality in a lightweight handheld package.  The 3 Series tests metering sites under customer load (in service) conditions in order to best calculate metering site accuracy.  Meter testing, CT & PT ratio testing, CT & PT burden measurement, and a full suite of wiring verification analysis make the 3 Series the latest in a long line of industry innovations from Powermetrix.

The PowerMaster 4 Series Automated Meter Tester is a closed link meter testing solution with many features and benefits that make it the most functional, versatile, and user friendly meter tester on the market today. 

Powermetrix also offers a wide variety of accessories to increase efficiency while testing metering installations in the field. The MTA-15Z Meter Test Adapter is the ultimate companion accessory to the PowerMaster 7 Series product.  It helps to facilitate meter testing on nearly any ANSI meter where there is not a test switch present. 

PowerMaster 7 Series

7 Series

PowerMaster 4 Series

4 Series