PowerMaster® 3 Series

PowerMaster 3 Series

The Revolutionary PowerMaster® 3 Series Hand-held 3-Phase Meter Tester

Powermetrix continues its industry leadership with the introduction of Powermetrix Remote Manager (PRM) for the PowerMaster® 3 Series. Powermetrix Remote Manager enables wireless control of essential and various metering site accuracy tests contained within PowerMaster® 3 Series from any Windows compliant system up to 100 feet in any environment, including high EMF environments! Customer load Meter Testing, CT/PT ratio testing, CT/PT burden measurement, meter register/demand testing, and wiring verification are all easily performed with this extremely portable, hand-held 3-phase power analyzer. In addition, with the new Model 335, phantom load meter testing and CT burden added testing are available to complete your field-testing needs.

With many advanced features, this handheld pint-sized 3-phase power analyzer is revolutionizing field testing as we know it.

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  • Remote Site Testing
  • Testing Meters, CTs, & PTs
  • Diagnosing Metering Site Errors
  • CATIV 600V Safety Rating