PowerMaster® 7 Series

PowerMaster 7 Series
Request a demonstration and personally see why this analyzer is the overwhelming preferred choice for field testing and ask our sales team about:  
  • Meter, Transformer & Wiring Testing
  • True 3-phase Analyzing Reference Standard
  • Internal Current & Voltage Source
  • More Accurate than Most Lab Standards

The PowerMaster® 7 Series is a Complete Field Meter Site Testing Solution

We raised the industry standard by introducing the PowerMaster 7 Series as a true 3-phase analyzing reference standard with internal 3-phase current and voltage source capability.

The innovative design of the PowerMaster® 7 Series allows utilities to fully test a metering installation with one piece of equipment. Customer load meter testing, phantom load meter testing, CT burden and ratio testing, CT de-magnetization, PT ratio testing, and transducer testing can all be performed with one solution. In addition, vector diagrams, voltage and current waveforms, and harmonics data up to the 100th harmonic can all be analyzed to complete a true wiring verification.

The 7 Series CT PT testing kit features the largest transflective color screen in the industry, field rugged multi-pin connectors, and is protected with a built-in Pelican hard case. This CT PT testing kit is the most feature-rich product in its class and has a 5-year warranty.