PowerMaster® Model 8843 Training Administrator Station

Training Administrator Station
The Training Administrator Station (TAS), which can pair with up to four Model 8813 and/or Model 8833 training benches, is a remote controller that uses a touchscreen Microsoft tablet communicating over a closed WIFI network.

The Trainer’s Interface

The handheld Training Administrator Station (TAS) gives the Trainer full control to remotely setup the Model 8813 and/or Model 8833 training benches, modify the test scenario, and monitor the Trainees real time. The Trainer has the ability to record the performance of the Trainee for each scenario and that recording is easily exported to a spreadsheet for the Trainee’s training file. In Technician mode, the PowerMaster® 8843 Training Administrator Station uses an integrated Windows-based touchscreen interface to select and modify a simulated error scenario while located at the bench.