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What Our Clients Say

"Now the 3 Series is the ticket! It's light, easy to carry, you never need to disconnect the cables and you can custom fit your own device (like I did) to carry it. What I like most about the unit is that I can do a good burden test and it lets me know if it passes or fails."
Jerome Hill
Meter Tech 1st Class
SECO Energy
“We started to look at harmonics with the Powermaster 3302 series and when we found our problem, the clarity and accuracy of the 3302 and its sign waves and harmonic graphs it made it real easy to prove to the customer they had a problem. "
Nikki Dinges
Garkane Energy
"The Powermaster 3 Series has been the best piece of testing equipment we have ever purchased for our meter department. We are able to do an Integrated Site Test which enables us to test everything at one time at each test site."
Derek Foust
Metering Technician
Valley Electric Association, Inc.
"The 3 Series is very light weight yet can give us critical real-time information of the metering service we are testing. Metering has come a long way and Powermetrix is helping us keep up with the change of technology."
Thomas Wiertsema
Manager, Electric Meter Services