Powermetrix Remote Manager®

Powermetrix Remote Manager Demo

Industry Leading Remote Meter Site Testing Solution

Powermetrix extends the functionality of its industry leading line of handheld three phase analyzers with Powermetrix Remote Manager (PRM)®. PRM® enables wireless control of essential and various meter and meter site analysis and accuracy tests remotely. Real-time wireless transfer of testing and site data enables immediate reporting of test results. Using Bluetooth, PRM® enables seamless, remote wireless control of your Powermetrix analyzer with your secure Windows laptop or tablet, elevating your current testing and data collection capabilities. Add a higher level of safety operability with your PowerMaster® analyzer remotely with PRM®.

Extend and Customize Testing Scenarios with Safety

Powermetrix Remote Manager (PRM)® enables the operation of your PowerMaster® meter tester from within a vehicle or building from up to 100 ft (30 m) away. Field tested in high EMF/substation environments, PRM® enables remote testing and adds the protection of a vehicle, building, or distance for an additional level of safety. Ensuring the safest operation, the PRM® enabled PowerMaster® meter tester will display the type and status of the test initiated remotely, allowing the meter technicians at the site to always be aware of the current tests being conducted.

Installed on your secure Windows compliant laptop or tablet, Powermetrix Remote Manager® enables the flexibility to create new testing scenarios wherever you take your laptop or tablet, enabling your workforce to test in the most optimum conditions protected from the elements – in the safest environment.

Always Secure

As part of your company’s secure meter site testing and computing environment, PRM® uses your latest Windows compliant platform, working within your organization’s existing security and compliance policies.

Minimal transition time

Designed for rapid entry into your operation, PRM® has near identical testing functionality to your PowerMaster® meter tester. Run your tests as though you’re standing in front of the PowerMaster® meter tester itself, ensuring minimal transition and training time.

  • Safely meter site test out of the elements with long distance capability: inside a vehicle or building.
  • Fully tested in high EMF/substation environments
  • Installed on your secure Windows device