PowerMaster® Model 8803A Transformer Rated and Self-Contained Training Bench

8803A Transformer Rated and Self-Contained Metering Site Training Bench

User Interface

The PowerMaster® 8803A Transformer Rated and Self-Contained Training Bench uses an integrated Windows-based touchscreen interface to select and modify a simulated error scenario while located at the bench. This display is mounted on an articulating arm to maximize bench space and enable line-of-sight while standing.

Troubleshoot Metering Connections

The PowerMaster® 8803A allows the technician to test meters under customer load (passive) or provide an artificial load (active) from the PowerMaster test equipment. The Trainee can simulate field conditions by adjusting amplitudes and phase angles to test the electric meter under a variety of conditions, including conditions beyond its calibrated range. Also, while combined with one of the Model 8803A’s predefined Error Scenarios, Trainees can safely learn about metering problems they may encounter in the field for a customer complaint call.

Troubleshoot Instrument Transformers & Wiring

The Model 8803A allows the technician to test both CTs and PTs installed on the training simulator using a PowerMaster analyzer. The configuration allows easy access for flexible current probes, clamp-on probes, or Amp/Volt Litewire probes. By simulating different amplitudes from the Model 8803A, the Trainee can learn how instrument transformers perform outside of their rated accuracy range.

Simulate Errors Found in the Field

One of the most powerful features of the Model 8803A is the ability to simulate more than 30 metering errors commonly found in the field within the comforts and safety of a lab environment. The PowerMaster® 8803A is designed to automate pre-defined error scenarios that do not require the user to physically change or modify any wiring. The Trainee can also override amplitudes and phase angles for further troubleshooting and run simulations of prior errors encountered in the field.


The PowerMaster® 8803A Transformer Rated and Self-Contained Training Bench takes every consideration to ensure the classroom maintains a safe environment for teaching. The Model 8803A includes a lighted beacon mounted on top to alert when the bench is active, and each meter, CT, and PT have illuminated lights when energized. Before a test can begin, the Trainee must interact with the bench to ensure all PPE is properly outfitted. Lastly, the Model 8803A has a manual Emergency Stop integrated both on the bench and located on the touchscreen display.