PowerMaster® 6618A

The PowerMaster® 6618A:

The Safest 3-Phase Analyzing Reference Standard
In the World

Remote Tablet Operation
ANSI & IEC Compliance
ESD / EMI Protection

Introducing the PowerMaster® 6618A Hand-held 3-Phase Meter Tester

Test with the Best

Powermetrix extends its revolutionary line of handheld three phase analyzers with the PowerMaster® 6 Series, now with Powermetrix Remote Manager (PRM)®. PRM enables wireless control of essential and various metering site accuracy tests contained within the PowerMaster 6 Series.

PRM utilizes industry standard Bluetooth for wireless communication from any Windows based system to the PowerMaster up to 100 feet away in any metering environment including high EMF environments / substations! The remote capability of PRM provides additional testing scenarios for improved field operation and safety. Confidently execute true 3-Phase testing analysis and essential meter site accuracy tests remotely via a Bluetooth enabled laptop or tablet.

Report your meter site test results and close your meter site test call as soon as it happens with real-time wireless data transfer over Bluetooth. The PowerMaster 6 series seamlessly automates and performs Meter testing, CT / PT ratio testing, burden measurement, register and demand testing, as well as wiring verification. Designed to and complying with ANSI and IEC specifications with multi-language support. The PowerMaster® 6 Series leads the industry with the highest safety standards for any environment across the globe including CE, CSA (Canada & US), CAT IV 600V, and IEC 61010-1-2012.