PowerMaster® 6618A

CE, CSA, CAT IV 600V, & IEC-61010 Safety Compliance
3 Phase Reference Standard ±0.05% Accuracy
Vectors, Waveforms, Harmonics (50th), RMS Data
3 Phase Direct Current Inputs (up to 20A)
3 Phase CT Ratio Testing
3 Phase CT Burden Measurement
3 Phase PT Ratio Testing
3 Phase PT Burden Measurement
Customer Load Meter Testing
Demand Meter Testing
Language Support (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

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Powermetrix extends its revolutionary line of handheld three phase analyzers with the PowerMaster® 6 Series. The PowerMaster 6 series seamlessly automates and performs Meter testing, CT / PT ratio testing, burden measurement, register and demand testing, as well as wiring verification.

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