Model 335 Load Box

model 335 load box accessory
  • 3-Phase Phantom Load Testing
  • CT Burden Added Testing
  • One Lightweight Package- Includes Storage of Cables and Probes

Raising the Standard in Electric Meter Test Equipment

The PowerMaster Model 335 Load Box is a revolutionary new electric meter test equipment accessory that complements the already versatile 3 Series. By utilizing a Model 335 with a 3 Series, the user will have the ability to perform 3-phase phantom load meter testing up to 5A while implementing the new current harmonic waveforms from ANSI C12.20.

In addition, this accessory will give the user the ability to perform a CT burden added test along with the 3 Series exclusive burden measurement test. Its compact size allows the 335, the 3 Series, and all standard accessories to be stored in the same carrying case. With the added functionality of the 335, the lightweight 3 Series is truly a step above.