Mobility for Service Providers

Powermetrix’s portable meter test equipment provides ease of use and mobility for independent electricians and service providers in the field. Providing services to utility customers has never been easier with our line of analyzers.

For simple customer load site verification testing with CT ratio measurement and burden measurement, nothing compares to the 3 Series electrical power analyzer. Lightweight, accurate, IEC 61010 CAT IV 600V compliant, this revolutionary handheld can perform all your testing needs. Able to measure up to the 50th Harmonic, accurate to 0.05%, and 3.5lbs in weight, this unique meter test equipment is designed for rapid testing of customer sites.

For those locations where there is no load, but testing must still progress, 7 Series portable meter test equipment for service providers fills in the gaps. With optional 3 phase voltage and current generation (20A or 50A), bench top and dead site CT testing, and 0.02% accuracy, 7 Series electrical test equipment can test in multiple configurations. Add in the optional MTA 15Z accessory, and benchtop testing can be performed on meters.

Regardless of the need or situation, contact Powermetrix for your electrical test equipment solutions.