testing energy metersIn any profession that interacts directly with electricity and utility equipment, taking the right steps to protect yourself is essential. Without preparation, knowledge, and the right equipment for testing energy meters, this task can put you at risk of physical injury. Before you run your next energy meter testing, be sure to take these steps to keep you safe from harm.

  1. Check your environment: The first and easiest thing to assess when arriving to the site is the environment. Look for any potential hazards that may cause problems when testing energy meters – is the meter in a difficult-to-reach area, or will you be up against the weather? Knowing the risks is the first step to preventing harm to you or your coworkers.
  2. Avoid danger, don’t work alone: Power lines and energy meters are nothing to mess with. It’s not unusual for a power line to be rated at 400,000 to 750,000 volts. Avoid working in potentially hazardous situations, and if you do, make sure you’re not alone in case of an emergency. Having an extra set of hands available to help with current transformer testing can be helpful, but it’s more important to have someone there to call for help should something go wrong.
  3. Have the right equipment: Once you have a better understanding of the situation you’re dealing with, ensure you have brought all the right equipment with you to complete the task at hand. The right equipment for testing energy meters can make the difference between a simple, safe, and fast job, and one that takes too much time out of your already busy day.
  4. Understand the process: Most importantly, having the right industry knowledge and a thorough understanding of the process of testing energy meters is key. Without the right information and instructions on how to test this equipment, you could be putting yourself at risk of harm without even knowing it.

Testing energy meters is an important part of maintaining a variety of electrical equipment and utilities. However, understanding how to protect yourself while testing these meters is arguably even more important. For more information on testing energy meters and how to keep yourself safe during the process, contact Powermetrix today.

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